Microgaming Blackjack Games

Blackjack is probably one of the better known casinos games around today, and each year billions of Blackjack hands are dealt both in live casinos, and online.

Microgaming have taken the Blackjack game and revolutionized it for online use, by developing Blackjack casino games that can be enjoyed by players online, around the world.

With one of the largest selections of Blackjack games available today, Microgaming have been developing the card game games since 1994.

Microgaming Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is really simple to pick up, and as a player you are dealt two cards to begin with. Your goal is to make these two cards total as close to 21 as possible, with aces being worth either one or 10, and all picture cards being worth 10. If you are lucky enough to be dealt an ace and a picture card right away, you have hit the Blackjack, and will be paid out at 3 to 2.

If for example, your first two cards are 10 and six, your total will be 16. You can either stick here, or pull another card and try to get close to 21. If you were to pull a five or below, your hand will improve and you would have a better chance of beating the dealer – if you pull a six or higher, you would go over 21 and your hand would bust, meaning the dealer automatically would win.

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Once you’ve chosen to stick your hand, the dealer will then try to make his one card get as close to 21 as possible – but, unlike you the dealer must stick at 17, meaning if you manage to get 18 or higher you will automatically win excavation mark.

it’s a really simple game to pick up, and Microgaming have incorporated the simplicity you’d expect to find an Atlanta-based casino into all other online games.

Microgaming Blackjack versions

Microgaming offer one of the largest selections of Blackjack casino games in the world, and they offer a huge variety of different games which include a number of different side bets and exciting features.

Some of the games on offer include an Atlantic City Blackjack, Atlantic City gold Blackjack, big five Blackjack Gold, big five multi-hand Blackjack Gold, double exposure multi-hand Blackjack, European multi-hand Blackjack, European multi-hand Blackjack Gold, European single hand Blackjack Gold, high low 13 European single hand Blackjack Gold, pontoon single hand Blackjack Gold, Spanish Blackjack, single hand bonus Blackjack Gold, and many more.

In fact, at the time of writing Microgaming have over 55 different versions of Blackjack to play at any of the trusted online casinos, and this gives you – the player – full customisation of your game.

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Blackjack types: Singular hand or multi-hand?

One of the most common questions new players have about playing Blackjack online is what single hand versus multi-hand means. It’s actually really simple, and it simply denotes a type of game and how many hands you play.

For example, on a single hand Blackjack game you will be able to play just one hand at a time. If you opt to play in a multi-game, you can play up to as many as 5 pounds at one time, giving you the chance to win more everything will time excavation mark.

Side Bets

Another common question new casino players have is about the various side bets that Microgaming incorporate into some of their Blackjack games. One of the most popular of the side bets is called a perfect pair, and this gives the user the option to place a small side bet on whether the two cards will be the same.

For example, in most of Microgaming’s perfect pair Blackjack games, you will be paid out at 5 to 1 if your first two cards of the same number but different colours and different suits…

10 to 1 if you get two cards which are the same colour the different suits, and a whopping 35 to 1 if you manage to identical cards which are the same colour and the same suit.

There are a huge variety of side games including 21, high streak, and many more.

Where to play Microgaming Blackjack Games

Almost all casinos that offer Microgaming games will offer their Blackjack games, and the list is virtually endless. Below, you’ll see some of the more popular casino sites which offer Microgaming Blackjack games.

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Hippodrome is one of the most popular casino websites that offers Microgaming Blackjack, but that’s not the only site – you can also enjoy Microgaming’s fantastic Blackjack games at BGO Casino, Lucky247, Leo Vegas Casino, SlotJoint, Vera and John, 10BET, Karamba, Casumo - and many more.

Each casino will feature different versions, so it worth taking the time to check out the Blackjack game promotional offer before you decide to sign up with a casino.

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