Microgaming Mobile Casino Games

With mobile gaming becoming a bigger and bigger part of casino software online, new players often question which games they should and shouldn’t play on mobile phones and tablets.

A few years ago, the answer to this question would be a lot more relevant as many games weren’t optimised for mobile devices, but these days, almost all slot and casino games you find online will run perfectly on both mobile phones and tablet devices, and this allows you to play all of your favourite games from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a working Internet connection.

That said, there are a few games which run better than others, and while Microgaming have put a huge amount of time, effort, and money into developing all of the game’s to run smoothly across mobile platforms, by far the most mobile friendly game they currently offer is Blackjack.

The Microgaming mobile Blackjack is a specific mobile version of the game, and everything inside the game has been optimised to work on small screens.

This means that you can still place all of your favourite bets, and complete important game functions like splitting, doubling and choosing a bet size, without having to worry about pressing the wrong button – a common concern amongst mobile players.

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In fact, Microgaming have implemented special mobile buttons on their gaming Blackjack game, so that is near impossible view to press the wrong button during gameplay.

The Microgaming mobile version of Roulette is also highly optimised for mobile devices, and again will work flawlessly on both phones and tablets.

The Roulette game requires you to tilt your screen into landscape mode – this is unavoidable, and it makes sure that your gaming experience is as uninterrupted and hassle-free as possible.

On the mobile screen of the Roulette game you will seem the Roulette wheel, and the game board. If you want to place special bets, like a neighbour bets or section bets, you will see a handy button in the corner of your screen which takes you to a different board layout – this is only really for the professional gamers who want a more customisation would play Roulette, and if you play for the first time, the general overview screen will be more than plentiful.

It’s also worth noting that almost all of the Microgaming games will run flawlessly across mobile devices as well, although it is recommended that you connect via Wi-Fi to ensure your chances of lagging out or freezing are minimised.

What Device Do You Need To Begin Playing?

In short, as long as you have a modern mobile phone or tablet which was released in the last five years, and you have a working Internet connection, it doesn’t matter what device you play on!

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