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Castle Builder – certainly one of the more unique video slots we’ve reviewed here at – is a fun and vibrant online slot, that puts you back into the world of Kings and Queens, and tasks you with building lavish castles to fit the Royal figures that will reside within.

The game actually uses a fairly intricate love story as its main theme, and you’re tasked with attempting to set up the Prince and Princesses found at the different Castles. Do so, and you’ll stand to win a LOT of respect (and money!!!), but fail to do so, and you may find yourself in the stocks!

Now the game itself uses 15 pay-lines, and it’s important to note that you typically won’t win an awful lot during the base game. This is exactly how it’s meant to be, as the feature bonus round is where the money lies, and it’s quite easy to actually trigger the feature, so don’t worry too much about the base game – your time will come!

slots bonus

Game Features

During regular gameplay, you’ll notice that whenever you get a win, you’ll accumulate what’s known as “Building Materials”.

The more you collect, the higher up the castle-building spectrum you go, and as you progress you’ll use these building materials to build castles throughout three different kingdoms. Each time you complete construction of a Castle, you’ll enter a pick-me feature, where you can win cash awards, all multipliers of your stake.

This continues until you go through all three Kingdoms and the Empire – the power-hub of the game – and once you do, the game basically resets itself and you’ll start over again.

It’s a unique feature for sure, and seeing as it’s in-game, it means you don’t have to wait around for hours and hours on end to get the feature – instead, you’ll find yourself progressing quite quick, and typically it’s easy to the first castle (or at least enough building materials for it) within the first 100 spins.

Also available for mobile devices, Castle Builder can now be enjoyed from smart phones and tablet devices, ensuring that you can enjoy the thrills of the game from wherever you are!

Click above to play Castle Builder today, and see for yourself whether you can build them all!

Pros: A fun and exciting video slot, Castle Builder brings something new to the table the slot world has never seen before!

Cons: It’s almost more of a novelty game, but it’s still worth checking out, if not just for the amusement factor!