Microgaming Scratch Card Games

Scratchcard games have rapidly risen in popularity around the world, and with companies like the National Lottery offering players hundreds of different games to choose from, both off-line and online, it seems only fitting for online casinos get on board with the craze and offer their players an exciting range of scratchcard instant games to play.

What is a scratch card game?

Scratchcard games are very simple – it’s just like the scratch cards you would get from a shop in real life, and it typically features a variety of symbols which you must scratch off and match in order to scoop prizes.

Most of the scratchcard games follow the same format, and require you to match three identical values or symbols in order to win the corresponding prizes. In certain games there will also be special features which play out like a video slot bonus round, and this is one of the main reasons why scratchcards have become so popular online, because they offer a completely new dimension that simply cannot be found in real life scratchcard games.

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Microgaming Scratchcards

Microgaming offer some of the most exciting and highly rewarding scratchcard games in existence, and their range includes a selection of distinguishable features that set them apart from any other casino software provider offering scratchcard games.

Dawn of the bread is one of their most popular yet obscure titles, and features a Frankenstein looking creature who - bakes bread. The bread is baked in front of a fire, which looks similar to a pizza oven, and there are nine loafs baking in total – your job is to scratch off the nine breads and reveal the symbols behind them.

If you’re lucky enough to match three of the low-paying symbols like the mouse, a slug, or the Scorpion, then you’ll win up to 10 times your stake depended on which symbols you manage to land.

The big paying symbols include the teeth and the heart, which pay 100X and 2500X respectively. The jackpot in this game game is paid if you manage to land three of the eyeball symbols, and this pays a whopping 10,000X your initial state, meaning that a £1 stake could turn into a £10,000 win if you’re lucky!

Another popular scratchcard game that Microgaming produce is called Bowled Over, and this is featured around a cricket match in the UK. Like Dawn of the bread, Bowled Over allows you to win up to 10,000X your initial stake, and it features a handy ‘reveal all’ button which means you don’t have to spend time scratching each individual symbol if you don’t want.

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That’s just two of Microgaming’s scratch card games available to play – you’ll also find a great range of exciting classics like Foamy Fortunes, Lucky Numbers, Scratch card Slam Funk, Super Zeroes, and Wild Champions to name but a few. Go and check out some of Microgaming’s scratch card games today – you won’t be disappointed.