Microgaming Slot Payouts

As an online casino player, you are undoubtedly interested in the potential payouts from any slot, and to be honest, you can’t be blamed for thinking that way.

Playing with your own money is a big decision, and players deserve to know the truth about how much a slot game will pay out – thankfully Microgaming are completed transparent with all their slot games, and they offer honest and tailored advice to which slot games pay out the most, and which pay out the least.

About Microgaming

If you haven’t heard of Microgaming before, they’re one of the world’s largest and most respected provider of online casino games, and they are behind some of the best video slots ever seen including immortal romance, the Playboy slot, the Game of Thrones slot, and many more.

Their state-of-the-art technology ensures that players around the world on both desktop and mobile devices can enjoy a hugely varied range of video slot games, and they pride themselves on creating games that offer some of the best casino payouts in the industry.

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Payout Percentages

Every slot game on the planet will feature what is called a payout percentage, and in simple terms, this is the amount that a slot machine returns to a player over a certain amount of time – usually a year.

For example, if you find a slot game with a 99% payout ratio, it means that for every £100 that slot game takes from players, it will pay out an average of £99 back. Now this statistic is taken over a year, and should not be used to make short term decisions about which game to play, but it can give you a good idea and indication of which games tend to pay out the most.

At almost every casino website you will be able to view the current payout percentage of their video slot games from an information page, and if you can’t find this you can either contact customer support who will be happy to provide an answer, or alternatively you can head on to the Microgaming website where you can find a full breakdown of each and every one of their games currently available to play.

Microgaming Video Slot Payouts

Microgaming offer a broad selection of slot games which feature varying payout percentages.

Their most lucrative and highly rewarding video slot is called the mega spin break the bank slot game, and this game features a whopping payout percentage of 98%. In this highly exciting slot game you will notice there are four different slot reels on your screen – these all spin at the same time, thus giving you the chance to win four times as much as you would from a regular slot.

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Microgaming’s second most high-paying slot game is called the hot pink slot, and this tattoo-themed slot offers an incredible 1024 different ways for you to win. It contains a unique recent feature where certain wins can then re-spin the reels in all of you to win even more money, and with a jackpot of 1 to 2, 500 coins the hot pink slot is definitely one you should be considering checking out.

Extreme heat is yet another of Microgaming’s high-paying video slots, with an average payout percentage of 97.5%. This game award also features a recent feature which can be triggered on any winning spin, and this game features a whopping 440,000 credit jackpot estimation mark now that you know some of the best paying out Microgaming slots to take advantage of, it’s also time to check out the worst performers so that you know which games stay away from.

Microgaming’s worst payout percentage can be found on the Mega Moolah Isis slot game, which stands at a worrying 88%. This is quite low, and many players – understandably – choose to avoid this game because of it, but there is a reason for this low payout percentage. The Mega Moolah Isis slot game features a huge jackpot of over £6 million, and a portion of each player’s stake is added to this jackpot which means the payouts are typically a little less than other games.

Other Microgaming video slots that offer a less than desirable payout percentages include mega moolah, Maj millions, and King cash a lot, with an 88.1%, 89.3%, and 90.5% payout rate respectively.

Before playing a video slot it’s always wise to check out the payout percentages on offer, and although it is not recommended that you decide which slot to play, solely on these percentages, it’s worth keeping an eye on them before you make a decision.