Slots for Real Money

If you’re looking to enjoy an extremely exciting and action packed video slot game experience online, then you should strongly consider checking out a Microgaming slot.

Microgaming have been at the forefront of creating highly profitable and exciting online video slot games for over 10 years, and their casino software is some of the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art around today, allowing you to enjoy a video slot experience that can’t be found with any other gaming software provider.

Choosing a video slot to play for real money is something that you should not take lightly, and if you want to be in with a maximum chance of winning, there’s a couple of things you should be bearing in mind before you begin playing.

Find a game you actually enjoy

There’s nothing worse than playing a game you simply don’t enjoy, and while large jackpot pay-outs and exciting bonus and feature rounds can be a great attraction point in many slots, there’s no point playing a slot game you’re just not happy with.

For example, one of Microgaming’s most popular video slot games around today is the official Game of Thrones video slot, and while this is a fantastically creative game which features phenomenal animations and audio soundtracks, if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, you’re probably just not going to enjoy it – that’s because it is tailored around the players who do like Game of Thrones, and if you don’t have any personal interest in it, then what’s the point playing?

A really good way to find a slot game you actually enjoy is to head over to the Microgaming website itself and browse through the different games available. This gives you an honest and transparent overview of all of their slot games, and allows you to make an informed decision without the persuasive actions of casinos who will tend to get you to play the games that they wanted to play – not the way it should be.

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Finding a game that offers a fair payout percentage

Playing a slot game that offers a decent payout percentage is crucial to the amount of money you manage to win, and you can view a really interesting article on payout percentages by clicking here.

Thankfully, many of Microgaming’s video slots offer payout percentages as high as 98%, meaning that almost all of their games give you the chance to win big – you can find payout percentage information on a casino’s website or at the Microgaming website itself, allowing you to see exactly how much the slot game returns to players over the course of a year.

Before rushing in to deposit real money on any given slot game, take your time to find a game you’re happy and comfortable with.

Familiarise yourself with the controls, know exactly how much you’re staking per spin, and make sure the bonus and feature rounds are of interest to you – once you’ve found your slot, simply deposit money into online casino account and you can begin playing right away!

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